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Jay Reviews: Flying Lotus - Reset EP

2012-10-04 23:28:28 by Jay

This week's review is: "Reset EP" by Flying Lotus. As requested by BrazilianNinja

Another EP review this week, hopefully this doesn't mean I'm getting lazy! At least it was a request this time, which reminds me, keep the requests up everybody. I can always use more!

Review List:
Ween - White Pepper
MGMT - Congratulations
Radiohead - In Rainbows
Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle
Ween - The Friends EP
Flying Lotus - Reset EP

Jay Reviews: Flying Lotus - Reset EP


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2012-10-04 23:34:02

you should review Spaces - Nothing Exists But Atoms And The Void because it's good.

Jay responds:

I'll be sure to look into it.


2012-10-04 23:37:22

I have two potential EP requests, depending on whatever you'd rather do. But seeing as how you've done Flying Lotus, I thought you might want to check out something from the more erratic side of instrumental/electronic music. Aphex Twin's released two great EPs, Windowlicker and Come to Daddy. I highly recommend you at least give the title tracks of both EPs a shot to see if you'd be interested and because their music videos are some of the best out there thanks to the work of Chris Cunningham.

Also going to plug Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician again. :P

Jay responds:

Yeah, I usually try to listen to some of the albums before I consider reviewing them. Or at least skim through them. I'll be sure to give the title tracks a listen before I consider my next review.


2012-10-04 23:41:10

Well written review, even for someone who doesn't usually listen to this stuff.

I'd say his following records 1983, Los Angeles, and Cosmogramma are his true grand-slams. His newest album Until the Quiet Comes was just released a day or two ago, but I haven't listened to it yet, and there is hardly anything up on YouTube for now.

I don't know what other albums to suggest for now, but I'm glad you dig this.

(Updated ) Jay responds:

I'm really glad you enjoyed the review. Yeah, I'm interested in what his later work sounds like. So I may listen to one of those albums eventually.


2012-10-04 23:59:30

While I don't care much for producing, I still did enjoy the review

Jay responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it!


2012-10-05 04:23:35

Great review, loved it!

You should check out Nicolas Jaar - Space is only Noise.
I think you'd love it :)

Jay responds:

Thanks a lot, I'll try to check it out.


2012-10-05 23:28:57

Needs more Ryan requests.


Jay responds:

I'll get to you eventually. :P


2012-10-08 21:05:43

Odelay by Beck.

Jay responds:

Of course Pwn, sounds great! xP


2012-10-09 05:53:21

Odelay is definitely a good one. I agree, do Odelay.

(Updated ) Jay responds:

No I'll never do a Ryanson recommendation!


2012-10-11 03:45:14


Also, if two or more people agree on one, then you should totes FOCUS ON THAT ONE

Jay responds:

I might review that after all, SHHH, secret.