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This is a really clever idea. Visually it looks just like a Did You Know Gaming video, the dialogue is pretty funny, and the included animation is a nice touch. I can see this being a great series if you keep at it. Are you considering using guest narrators in the future? If so I'll just leave my application here..

Samination responds:

Thank you! So far there are 6 episodes. I am considering guest voices too.

Pretty accurate, more or less.

Wow, simply stunning. It's obvious to me, and I'm sure to any other right thinking individual, that after watching this single flash, you 4 clocks are the future of the Clock Crew. There isn't a doubt in my mind.

Brilliant and thought provoking writing, conservative yet clean animation and art, and of course it contains that old Clock Crew charm that started with B. You had it all, and you represented the Clock Crew perfectly.

Congratulations gentlemen, you've made SBC proud.

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This game is fantastic, definitely a unique concept that I doubt has ever been considered before. Of course I was skeptical at first, given the date, but I was stubborn and kept at it until I found out that the enemies really were beatable!

The only real issue I've discovered is that there is a glitch with the archers. After I block the first wave of arrows, and kill one of the archers, all of the sound effects stop and the game sort of just freezes. I only hear music, the enemies stop talking, and my character never dies.

I hope to figure out how to pass this glitch soon, so that I can play more of this awesome game.

I liked the idea, but I wasn't in it :(

In all seriousness I see that this is a thing for BBS regs or whatever, I guess in that sense it's alright. But yeah, as others have stated, the average Newgrounder is going to have trouble answering this unless they are on the BBS everyday.

A Winner is You!

I've never seen the movie before, but I really enjoyed this game. I played for quite a while before I beat M, and I only beat him because I made him go first and analyzed his moves.

The only thing that I would suggest to add is some music, and maybe even some sound effects. Besides that, I really like how it looks and how it makes you think.

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Yo I gotta say, this is some good-ish. Never imagined this song with keyboard, drums, etc, but it turned out pretty great. Good job.

I like to imagine that the scraping noise that goes with the beat is someone scraping the bottom of a can of peas to get the remaining bits.

Father-of-Death responds:

the noise you hear is flea slappin the bass (guitar i guess idk)

Your producing skills are like good wine mang, they gettin' better with age, and they ain't cheap.

I gotta say, Slap's contribution really pulled tied the whole thing together. Looking forward to working with you again. Now excuse me, I got some fools to bip.

Yo yo, Chuuch in the house. Sounding better than ever. Lemme get on yo next remix foos. We gonna tour the country together, I'll be the opening act.

Slap was harder than ever here.
Techno's got that natural game, he's got time to bloom.
Gobble didn't have enough lines give him more.

5 Stars.

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BillPremo responds:

:) :) :)

What a nice doodle, it's simple yet the hair is very visually descriptive of the person that the drawing is representing. I don't know why but the color reminds me of... home? Nice choice. It's a very relaxing shade of blue/green.

Keep up the good work! :)

Jin responds:

Thank you Jay. It is a drawing of a person called Jay. He's hairy and stuff, as depicted in the drawing.

Fun fact: Jay's favorite color is actually not blue.

Awesome, I love the extreme simple shapes of the door and wall/floors contrasting with the curvy trees. Is this based off of the Kafka story? This would be really cool to see as a game or animation!

deathink responds:

Yeah this is based off a Kafka story, one I find personally terrifying.

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