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Jay Plays - Now with Playlists!

2013-04-07 02:51:09 by Jay

As requested, I've added some neat playlists for all of the completed Jay Plays with multiple parts. Now hopefully this page won't lag so much for people with slower computers. And heck, maybe someone will even USE the playlists :o (Nah, that's just crazy)

Jay Plays:
Abobo's Big Adventure 6 PARTS (FULL PLAYTHROUGH)
Ivan Drago: Russian Boxer! 2 PARTS (FULL PLAYTHROUGH)
Diablo (w/ Ryan) 31 PARTS (FULL PLAYTHROUGH)
MLP: Story of the Blanks
Short Play:
Board Game Online: Round 1(w/ Gagsy and Ryan) Round 2 (w/ Ryan, BPremo, Radical, HydraTundra, and Austerity)
Seedling (Feat. Daethdrain) 11 PARTS (FULL PLAYTHROUGH)
Jay Plays Christmas Special: 2012
Transformice (w/ Ryan, Techno, and EJR)
SCARY CAM: Exmortis
Cave Story: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 (NEW)
Cathode Raybots: First Play User Created
Oregon Trail (Feat. Newgrounds): PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 (NEW)
April 1st: Minecraft

More Cave Story and Oregon Trail coming soon!


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2013-04-07 12:31:54

That is awesome - the last newspost indeed lagged heavily for me - and playlists are more convenient for the viewer anyways ^^

Jay responds:

Well, I'm glad I took the time to make them then :D


2013-04-08 02:18:26

Questionable use of wearing 3D glasses. They didn't make people look cooler in the 90s / 80s, and they still don't.

Jay responds:

I miss the red and blue 3-D Glasses.


2013-04-08 22:40:46

Thanks, Jay, this makes it so much easier to view your stuff. BTW Sorry I spammed your last post, my computer was being a retard, and apparently opened up eight newgrounds pages at once when I hit refresh a few times, and when I clicked "Post comment" on one page, all eight freaking pages decided to do their thing and post.

Jay responds:

Ah, that's okay.


2013-04-08 22:41:58

Freaking happened again, I'm never using the Newgrounds community posting again.

Jay responds:

It could still be my page lagging because of a lot of links.


2013-04-13 13:33:19

I have subscribed. By the way, you said I was banned for a FEW days from the chat. It's been WEEKS! How long is it until I get unbanned?

Jay responds:

Weird, the log says you've been unbanned already.

I'll just unban you.


2013-05-07 21:40:51

I'm still waiting for "Jay Plays: With Himself"

Jay responds:

Coming never!


2013-05-07 21:40:56

I'm still waiting for "Jay Plays: With Himself"

Jay responds:

Okay, you convinced me.